Looking for Rebels ............. 2000, video, 14:00

The video starts with the scenes of a typical Dutch neighborhood seen from a bird's eye perspective. The succession of details of the multicultural neighborhood follows. This sketch is suddenly interrupted by exaggerated marching music in the scene of two little boys walking towards each other. The camera is zooming in while they are exchanging something between their hands. After this turning point, the red-and-white police tape is leading us to the 'place of crime' where a team of professionals is dealing with a death coffin.

In Looking for Rebels the low quality of the picture refers to the images of surveillance cameras. While the bird's eye perspective prevents any serious interaction, the film is gradually rewinding back to its starting point: the peaceful shots of a typical Dutch neighbourhood.

A note on degradation

After this video I continued to develop degradations and distortions of my images. This concerns deformations and losses during any exchange or processing of information (such as: associative conversations, dreams, nostalgic recalling, traumatic flash-backs, love fantasies, etc.). No matter how badly image is degraded the important part of it seems to be recognisable. My later work combine images of different qualities, some of them in condition of decay while other still ‘contemporary’.