“We have difficulty to move, even if it’s only the position of our furniture.
Crossing a frontier is quite an emotive thing to do:
a few dozen or hundreds of metres this side or that of it is enough to change everything, even the landscape.”


The focus is on a little stage in a bedroom in front of the mirror. There are various objects and framed photographs installed by a woman. Through the series of snapshots and personal ruminations, this small field of time-space is gradually expanding towards a larger constellation.: from bedroom to apartment to building to street to country(side) to... world.

The ambition here is to recreate a form of fused subjectivity, a visual and textual drift that reformulates itself through the other and the time. The text used for the voice-over derives from reading of George Perec's 1974 book, Species of Spaces (Espèces d'espaces).