Gravity ............. 2005, video, 13:20

'There is a more or less ignored fact that the historical object under discussion, the earth, has its metaphysical peculiarities, which like to hide behind an everyday appearance. We are dealing with a geographical-philosophical bastard here, the logical and physical particulars of which are not easy to fathom.' (a)

An old woman tells a story of a little boy who liked to climb trees and fell from one. In her background a man is climbing a ladder to prune grapevines. This seemingly ritual act contrasts with the shots of airplanes and cloudy skies. Through repetitions the narrative of maternal love is gradually transformed into a totalitarian force. The calm unfolding of the narrative is occasionally disrupted by beating of NSK music. (b)

(a) Im Weltinnenraum des Kapitals, Fur eine philosophische Theorie der Globaliserung by Peter Sloterdijk. Dutch translation: Het Kristalpaleis, Uitgeverij Boom/SUN 2006, pg. 12.

(b) See also my notes on Laibach in Beyond Language and NSK in general txt.