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Thus Spoke (W.G.)..... a diary ........... 2008-2010

single-channel video 33:30 + two-channel installation, 30:00


The video is guided by the voice of a boy reading 'Diary (1953-69)’ by the Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz. Fragments of this diary, written during Gombrowicz’s exile in Argentina, are adapted and combined with the footage of nowadays Bosnian society.

The sites in the video include the reconstructed communist congress space located in the city of Jajce along with the interiors of private homes in the neighbouring city of Banja Luka. Between these two cities a Swedish - tourist, poet, and actor - confronts the local myths and people. In this process he re-enact two historical speeches and participate in a local wedding nearby Jajce.

In various ways ‘Thus Spoke (W.G.)’ is a translation project. The fragments from the original Polish text are translated via French and Dutch to a Serbo-Croatian voice. English subtitles are applied but only to the various readings and speeches, and not to the day to day conversations.

The backing music follows Gombrowicz’s dualistic thoughts as an exchange of Chopin (often mentioned in his ‘Diary’) and Bosnian popular 'turbo-folk' music.



Video fragment, 06:30



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