mapping a transnational memory:

the case of person N.N.


threads, traces . . . . . essayistic entries, 11. May – 20. August 2020

Salon #74 . . . . assembled materials in an apartment in Berlin, 2020

moon & horse . . . sound installation of two fairytales, 15'10'', 2020


Three fields of materials – voice recordings, textual references, and retraced photographs – interrelate with a case of transnational memory. The person marked as N.N. is a migrant worker from Banja Luka, who 'disappeared' in Berlin in 1974. Next to the interviews with N.N.’s children, some other – real and imagined – personalities are also introduced to the case.

The overall concept of the ongoing investigation is to retrace NN’s trajectories in the light of the colonial histories of (central) Europe and its (Eurasian) peripheries. The glimpses of speculative non-territorial futures – in the exchange and dialogue with the various authors – are opened as a rather optimistic projection.

The mapping consists of interconnected chapters and a series of spatial set-ups. - works



























































moon & horse

sound installation of two fairytales, 15', 2020

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the two fairytales are an adaptation of:


The Cure

'A Forest', the song from the album Seventeen Seconds (1980)

Walter Benjamin

'The Moon', the story from Berlin Childhood around 1900 (version 1932-1934)

Oxana Timofeeva

The History of Animals: A Philosophy, chapter: 'Oedipus the Horse' (2018)




Salon #74

26. August - 6. September 2020

The visual documentation is an impression of assembled materials in the apartment of AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz.

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Living Room: person N.N. studies

Bedroom: tiergarten

Bathroom: cosmonaut

Sound: moon & horse

threads, traces

11. May – 20. August 2020

In the course of the summer of 2020, a series of essayistic entries were published on the blog of AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz.

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Prelude Turkish coffee around 1975

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Introduction The map as a departure


May 18 At level zero


May 22 Quarntined


May 24 Today I stay inside


May 27 Goblen


May 30 Disposable Materials


Jun 1 Moving Image (0c)




Jun 8 Tiergarten Fairytales


Jun 24 Modern Tiergartens


Jun 29 Treasons



July 5 Almost there


August 20 Tiergarten @ the small table