Prints of various sizes are the hybrids of photos, video stills and paintings. Intimacy of old snap shots is positioned within its hidden narratives (images: a, b, c ...)


Anonymous Community - excerpts*

“What is this ‘other’ that transforms all visible signs crowded in a photograph into a historically meaningful image? It is not just private life rendered visible in the captured moment. It is that which never enters visibility but which seems to blast wide open...
Such forces work their way through and across existing social forms and definitions. It is by fantasising their existence that we today recognise and acknowledge ‘that’ moment.
‘We’ and ‘they’ form the continuity of an unwritten history. It is unwritten precisely inasmuch as it avoids closure by speaking for and in the name of an indeterminate collective. Yet, this possibility is itself historical. It opens up in a time of so many endings and is thus a promise. Something is still promised to us. There is a new subjectivity waiting to emerge in our not so divided world.”

*excerpts from the text by Helen Petrovsky: