Silence of Polyglots

Feature-length essay video & audio-visual improvisation

1999 - 2003 - 2015 - ongoing




The work consists out of series of ongoing time-space travels between the Netherlands and Sweeden:

a. 30 minutes essay video, 2003

b. 35 minutes audio-visual improvisation, 2015

c. +/- 60 minutes essay video, ongoing


The current title of the project - Silence of Polyglots - derives from the chapter of the book Strangers to Ourselves, by Julia Kristeva.

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Audio-visual improvisation with Ton de Vrede


With "Silence of Polyglots" I have joined the symposium on translation > How language Moves < organised by artist Marianna Murayama. Therefore I have invited the musician Ton de Vrede to perform together with me in an audio-visual improvisation. Ton's electronic soundscapes and my live voice-over were re-related to the montage of excerpts from the previous videos and the new materials. For every new session, the improvised sound is altered and “re-translated” again. The duration is of various lengths - from 25 to 35 minutes.


The recordings and montage from the session from 2015 @ Goleb PS: