Österland ............. 2004, video, 24:00

Austria is today called Österreich ('Eastern Empire'). The name 'Österland' refers to the former eastern colonies of Austria-Hungary. After colonisation by the USSR these territories are now rejoined with Austria through EU membership.

The video Österland analyses visual information in public spaces and the edges of the European Union. It begins with a monument of victory on the border between the Ukraine and Poland. It then develops in the direction of Vienna and its imperial past. A synthesis and rhythmic culmination come with the final part of the video.


The movement in the video is guided by the song lyrics of Azra. It is a rock band from the eighties with a critical approach to the problems of ex-Yugoslavian socialism. The female name Azra is at the same time the name of an imaginary / ancient / Islamic / Bosnian tribe. Azra was specialised in highly coded political messages based on anecdotes from the private life of its frontman, Branimir Štulić.