because the outside world has changed...

3 May, 2014

This was the third setup of work-in-progress shared between me, Igor Sevcuk, and artist Go-Eun Im as a part of audio-visual events - Cumulus - organized by stichting Raspoetin. Among others contributors included: Jaap Pieters & Jeff Winder, Julie Dassaud, Nathalie Snel, Ivan Henriques & Alfredo Genovesi, Julia Kaiser, David Pfluger & Florian Olloz / Mobiles Kino, Cineact Irregulars Ensemble, Hans Koning, Lee Ellickson...


This time we arranged:

a. screening of video-in-progress, 3d stage (approx. 12 minutes)
b. shadow drawing interfering with one of crucial images we followed during our investigations
c. additional table with other archival developments
open for further conversation

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Overview of the collaboration: because the outside world has changed...