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Experience, Memory, Re-enactment
Edited by Anke Bangma, Steve Rushton, Florian Wüst

To what degree can we trust our experience and memory? What distortions in time and space occur when we attempt to reproduce past events? This book brings together a number of artists and writers whose work deals with these questions. They employ reconstructions and re-enactments to investigate how experience and memory are simultaneously culturally constructed and personally lived.

With contributions by:
Clarissa Baldwin, Matthew Buckingham, Rod Dickinson, Omer Fast, Mathilde ter Heijne, Janneke Lam, Deimantas Narkevicius, Paul Nulty, Steve Rushton, Igor Sevcuk, Mildred Valkonet, Jan Verwoert, Krzysztof Wegiel, Florian Wüst, Efrat Zehavi.

Piet Zwart Institute publication, 280 pg., ISBN 3-86588-013-4